Kids are Disgusting

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This video is about how Kids Are Disgusting. Do you ever feel like you clean but it’s pointless because your kids are SO GROSS!! Well, watch this video. You are not alone fellow parent. My kids are also, disgusting!

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Gear used for these videos are: Canon 5D Mark iii & 24-105 Lens




Second Trimester of Pregnancy: What to Expect

The Second Trimester is the best trimester of all!

Second Trimester of Pregnancy- What to Expect

Congratulations you made it through the first 13 weeks of hell. Now the fun really starts happening. Though you will still feel like your ‘pregnant” this trimester is not all geared towards throwing up and your head stuck over the toilet seat. Here are a few things to expect during the second trimester.

There are a few things that will SUCK during the second trimester like:

  • Leg Cramps
  • Heartburn
  • Stretch Marks
  • Peeing Frequently
  • Mood Swings
  • Swelling
  • Varicose Veins

So many things happen during this trimester. That sweet baby is also growing ears, eyes, capillaries for blood flow, fingerprints, and will start to suck and yawn, which is the cutest thing if you catch it during your ultrasound. This will also be the time where you will feel your sweet baby kick for the first time. It will start out as sweet little flutters and then qucikly turn into a soccer game with your bladder. All in all it’s pretty damn amazing!

A few awesome things about this trimester

  1. Your morning sickness should be gone (for most women). This is a praise Jesus kind of moment. One day you’ll wake up and not have to rush to the bathroom to throw up. It truly is a miracle.
  2. Your energy should be back. Your body won’t be using as much energy to create life as it does during the first trimester. You should get a nice little recharge and it will feel amazing. You’ll be able to take on the world because you would have basically just gone through death itself which is the first trimester.
  3. Pregnancy Brain. Most people would think this isn’t a good thing but in all honesty to me it’s freaking awesome. Anytime I forget something (or just don’t want to go / do it) I blame it on my “pregnancy brain” No one is going to argue with that. It’s a fail proof thing!
  4. The Pregnancy Glow. This typically happens during the second trimester. You will get wonderful compliments on how your “Glowing”. You will look like a goddess so soak it up because no face creams or contouring will give you that gorgeous natural effect.
  5. Sex sex and more sex. This will be the trimester that your baby daddy will love. Some expectant moms experience a stronger sex drive due to the extra blood flowing through their bodies. Take every chance you get because once the third trimester comes you will not be feeling this way. TRUST ME!

The second trimester is my favorite one by far. Be sure to document it with photos and a journal every chance you get. This is the trimester of feeling alive and great. Have fun and enjoy that sweet baby growing inside of you!




Second Trimester of Pregnancy- What to Expect

Pregnancy First Trimester: What to expect

The first trimester of pregnancy is horrible. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful thing and I am so thankful I have my wonderful children, but making them (not the bedroom part wink, wink) isn’t the most fun. For all 6 of my pregnancies, I literally had my head stuck in the toilet for the first few months and it continued throughout certain pregnancies. IT BLOWS and I am not even joking about that.

mommin with humor pregnancy


For most women, this is the hardest trimester of pregnancy. It isn’t pretty. You feel bloated, nauseated and not to mention the “glowing” look that everyone talks about doesn’t happen right away. I could play connect the dots on my forehead from zits because my hormones were out of control! Oh, AND  I am a disaster with all the crying, yelling, laughing, screaming and much more. Just know that this phase doesn’t last forever I promise.

Here are a few things to expect during your first trimester.

  1. Fatigue – Making a baby is exhausting. You’re going to want to sleep all the time and that is totally fine! Things you normally do might leave you feeling exhausted. It’s rough, but the good thing is you can sleep all day and no one will judge you! If you have other children I’m sorry to say…………….you’re screwed!
  2. Nausea – The severity will vary. Some women will get it and some (lucky women) won’t but most likely you’re going to have it and it will SUCK ASS!!!!!!. While your head is stuck in the toilet just remember, it won’t last long… (hopefully)
  3. Strong smells– If you haven’t taken out the trash in a long time you will smell it and it might make you vomit. If you have school kids, like me, you may want to frequently wash their shoes because the stinky feet smell will be so strong it will make you gag and throw up. Trust me. It happened to me EVERY SINGLE DAY! (ps. school kids are smelly I advise you to give them frequent showers while you’re pregnant because those smells are horrifying)
  4. Your Boobs Hurt Like Hell– Watch out when walking because one hit to the boob will send some not so pretty words flying out of your mouth. Also when you’re getting frisky with your baby daddy make sure he is gentle. Nothing kills the moment like screaming in pain due to your pregnancy boobs aching. Side note: THEY GET BIGGER enjoy them while they last.
  5. Your Cravings are out of control– I am pretty sure I have asked my husband to go to Dairy Queen at least 3 times a week for me. OR I have also craved egg sandwiches, sour cream and Alka Seltzer.. ( that last one isn’t my proudest moment)

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Don’t get me wrong. I think all of these symptoms are terrible but it is well worth it. At the end of this shit show (pregnancy), you’ll have a sweet loving little baby who will change your life forever, in a good way.


first trimester what to expect

Like I said before, this trimester doesn’t last forever. It will be a distant memory soon. Use all the help you can get. If you have other children, have them go play at a friends house. You’ll need all the rest you can get.




6 Tips on Taking Beautiful Instagram Photos

How do you to take beautiful Instagram photos? I know it sounds crazy but nowadays our phones are our cameras.Take beautiful instagram photos

I have a Canon 5D Mark iii but I shoot most of my everyday  photos with my phone. Stupid I know, but I can’t take my huge nice camera everywhere. It’s my baby and I don’t want anything to happen to it. Knowing me if I was put in a situation where I have to save my camera or my kids….. Well, hands down, my kids would win but my camera would be a close second! So I don’t put myself in that situation.

When something amazing happens with my kiddos, I whip out my old iPhone 6 plus and start shooting.

Most of the time everyone, and by everyone I truly mean EVERYONE, Will take their photo  and post it on social media (Instagram, Facebook and twitter) because that is what we do these days. I have no idea why it is so important but somehow it is and I’m addicted.

A few tips to help you create better and beautiful Instagram photos!

  • Know your surroundings! This is a serious tip. If there is a trash can in your photo I highly recommend moving it out of the way. You don’t want your subjects to be compared to the trash in the background. Either move it out of the way or shoot in a way where you cannot see it. Biggest bet peeve I have. No one likes trash.. take it out!
  • Notice your angles. I love to shoot point blank because I usually do group shots of my kids but if I’m feeling crazy, I will shoot from above and the photo comes out even better! For example, if you want to shoot a photo of your kids reading books, try shooting from above to create a beautiful artsy photo
  • Only shoot during the day. (optional) This one rule I live by. I am such a sucker for natural light and bright images that I will only shoot during the day. (mostly mornings) The way the sun lights up my images completes my soul. I can not stand a lousy cell phone flash. It’s not pretty or cool to shoot with the crappy flash and post your red or yellow eyes! Come on guys, You have to know that doesn’t look good and throwing a Black & White filter on it doesn’t help the image. JUST LET IT GO!
  • Focus the phone camera on your subjects. To create a little background blur, have your subject step closer to you (farther away from the background) and focus your camera on them. You tap your finger  on the screen and let the camera know where you want to focus.
  • Don’t be fooled by the Instagram Filters. They aren’t pretty and quite frankly completely hideous. If you want to use Instagram filters I recommend creating them yourself with the “Edit” button and manually go through each  step and create your own filter. (ie: adjust, brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, color, fade, highlights, shadows, vignette, tilt-shift and sharpen)
  • Finally… Make sure your image lines up correctly. If you have a building in the background, make sure it is straight or if your subjects are sitting on a bench, make sure it lines up straight. Nothing is worse than looking at a photo where the kids look cute but the building in the back it absolutely crooked.

While it may sound like a ton of work to do before taking a photo but after the first few times, it gets easier. It’s now second nature to me. I just automatically shoot this way and it saves me much time and embarrassment. If I take my kids and do something really awesome and my picture doesn’t turn out, I will not post it! I’m a picture snob for sure!

There you have it, a few awesome tips to help you take beautiful Instagram photos. Apply these tips to your photos and feel free to tag me. I want to see them!



Take better instagram photos