5 Amazing Items to Keep In your Car

As a mother, I always need to be prepared especially in the car. You never know what is going to happen while dealing with children. You can have a bloody elbow one minute and a huge snot rocket the next. For me, it seems as if ANY and ALL bodily functions come out while I am driving. I don’t know how many times I can swerve on the freeway trying to give my kid a damn kleenex. Who cares about your safety, right? Just don’t get your snot on my seats!

5 Amazing Items to Keep In your CarIf your child throws up in your car, you’re screwed. You better go trade that car in for a new one because throw up leaves a disgusting odor in your car for weeks, even months if not properly cleaned. Nothing is worse than getting into a hot car and being slapped in the face with the delicious smell of vomit.

5 Amazing Items To Keep In Your Car:

  1. Hand Sanitizer: I always have this in my car. It is perfect if you have children like mine who like to touch anything and everything. They get germs all over their hands and I am a total germaphobe. Shopping carts at Walmart are the WORST for little hands. Another thing is when I pump my gas. That gross pump is carrying every germ possible. I am officially grossed out and will need to shower after writing that!
  2. Wipes: Wipes have been my saving grace so many times. When anything gets on my seats, the wipes come out. When my kids get their dirty hands on my gorgeous tan car interior the wipes clean it right off. They truly are gods greatest gifts to mankind!
  3. Trash Bags: I can’t tell you how many times I have needed a trash bag for all my childrens crap. They seem to always have trash. I don’t know or even understand how they get so much but somehow they do. Those monsters can create trash out of thin air!
  4. Febreze: I am not a fan of odors. I hate when my car smells gross and with sweaty kids that’s all I get, so I keep Febreze in there. I spray that everywhere and my car is always smelling so fresh.
  5. Extra pair of Underwear: This one is not for me. Even though my blatter has never been the same after so many children. TMI! I keep an extra pair of underwear in the car for my kids.Well, just one kid. It’s so nice to run to my vehicle and grab an extra pair out of the bag when needed.  I used them so many times and I am glad I keep that stocked up!

If you want exactly what’s in my car click on the links above. Just a few tips and tricks to make your car life a little easier. Do you leave anything in your car? Let me know if I should add something to my list!

5 Amazing Items to Keep In your Car when traveling with kids
5 Amazing Items to Keep In your Car when traveling with kids


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  1. Oh man. Vomit is thee absolute worst! I have yet to go so far as a new car (thank goodness!) but I have invested in a new car seat, or three. Great tips!

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